Our Approach

We invest in startups developing pioneering technologies in partnership with the top research institutions in the US and abroad. Since 2009, OUP has been the most active venture capital investor in university startups. Through a deep relationship with the Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) of almost 100 universities, we’ve backed over 80 of the best and most exciting companies based on university research. We work with entrepreneurs, technology transfer professionals, and top administrators who are integral to the university startup ecosystem’s success. Through our efforts we seek to bring the discoveries of the world’s preeminent researchers to market.

Investment Strategy


We invest in companies based on technology developed in the labs of our partner institutions


Software, Hardware, Material Sciences, Cleantech, Energy, Semiconductor, Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics


Cutting edge technologies with well-protected IP representing a significant scientific breakthrough

Company Stage

All stages

Investment Size

$1-10 million

Partner Institutions
capital raised by portfolio companies

Why OUP?

Our singular focus on university startups, familiarity in working with technology transfer offices, and broad network uniquely position OUP as a preferred partner for university-originated companies.

Tech Transfer Expertise

Unmatched expertise navigating the tech transfer university ecosystem.

Domain Expertise

Our team has broad knowledge in deep technologies from backing over 80 startups founded by academics and researchers.


We introduce promising startups to potential investors, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners.

Low Friction

We put our companies’ priorities first.


We have a steadfast university presence and frequently meet with TTOs, PIs, and students on campus.


We are exclusively focused on university spinouts and track all investable start-ups, pre and post investment, from our partner universities.

Meet the Team

Our investment committee has accumulated over 70 years of experience in financing deep science and core technologies.